Updated Sunday 4/28/24 1100 am MTN
Time data available 4-5 am MTN

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Latest Storm Cycle-None
(If “None” amounts are for the last 24 hrs)
The day after the storm cycle ends, Some of the latest storm cycle amounts are factored into the approximate depth

*Keep in mind the current storm cycle is 0 days*

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Riding Area -> Approx Depth/PLUS Latest Storm Cycle Total

(Fall/Spring can be A-Arm season)
Red amounts “caution”

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Caribou Hills, AK-> 0-40“+/0″+
Chugash NF/State Park, AK-> 030“+/0″+
Denali National Park, AK-> 0-36“+/0“+
Hatcher Pass, AK-> 30-60″+/0″+
Nancy Lake State Rec, AK-> 0-10”+/0″+
White Mountains National Rec, AK-> 0-12”+/0″+
Wrangell-St. Elias, AK-> 0-20“+/0″+

I use all or some of the following for data- Avy center reports/snow pit reports/snodas/snotel/NOHRSC/paid weather services/verified rider reports/verified social media reports/Ambassador reports/webcams/and at times a bit of math and an educated guess.