Rocky Mountain Sled Conditions 

Updated 2/17/2020 7 pm mtn time

Approx Base/PLUS Last 72 hrs Snowfall

Cooke City, MT-> 60-100"+/12-18"+

Little Belt Mountains, MT-> 40-80"+/4-10"+

West Yellowstone, MT-> 40-95"+/4-10"+

Seeley Lake, MT-> 50-125"+/8-18"+

Lookout Pass, ID/MT-> 65-85"+/ 4-10"+

Lolo Pass, MT/ID-> 70-95"+/4-12"+

McCall, ID-> 60-95"+/4-12"+

Island Park, ID-> 45-75"+/0-4"

Logan(Bear River Range), UT-> 50-95"+/6-16"+

Uinta mtns, UT-> 36-70"+/4-16"+

Togwotee, WY-> 65-95"+/10-20"+

Alpine/Star Valley, WY-> 70-95"+/6-12"+

Pinedale(Horse Creek), WY-> 65-95"+/10-16"+

Big Horn's(Northwest), WY(Bald Mountain)->55-80"+/2-6"+

Big Horn's(North), WY(From Northern end of Cloud Peak Wilderness, North)->40-65"+/2-10"+

Big Horn's(South), WY(From Southern-ish end of Cloud Peak Wilderness, South and East)->36-60"+/2-6"+

Snowy Range, WY-> 70-110"+/12-36"+

Buff Pass, CO-> 75-115"+/15-36"+

Rabbit Ears, CO(Hwy 40 area) -> 70-105"+/16-30"+

Grand Lake, CO-> 48-85"+/12-36"+

Corona/Winter Park area, CO-> 60-85"+/10-20"+

Vail Pass, CO->  60-80"+/6-12"+

Cottonwood Pass, CO-> 48-70"+/4-12"+

Grand Mesa, CO-> 40-60"+/0-2"

Wolf Creek, CO-> 55-80"+/0"

Black Hills, SD-> 24-48"+/0-2"

November 12, 2017

First ride of Season for me......Buff Pass, CO today did not disappoint! Early in the season, but I will take it! 2 feet plus.....still land mines everywhere(no carnage) ...but we made 3 hrs off trail riding out of it! Video or 2 also coming soon. Good times with good Friends! Steve Donaldson Jason Goldsmith and Jason's buddy

September 24, 2017

I want to thank Torey Rush and Stephanie Melzer at for a great buying experience! No hassle, very fair sales and service! They can accommodate your Polaris sales and service needs! Highly recommended !

July 30, 2017

So how about a new type of snow map? A follower ( Patrick Brannan) of this site showed me this map.....I had seen it before but was leery of accuracy. I am going to use it this season, along with others, and verify the accuracy. This is a snapshot of Feb 20th '17 of the Snowy's in WY.

July 30, 2017

Lets talk El Nino/La last season we had fairly neutral conditions.....meaning not a big swing one way or the other....on the La Nina side

CO and Cali..... At this early stage it is hard to say....but I believe we are looking at simuliar conditions to last season(neutral) ....some models are hinting at a weak La Nina or El Nino....neither would be all that bad ......

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