About Us

Our History

Having grown up in the Midwest (Iowa), I always wanted to know REAL snow conditions before I set out on a snowmobile trip.

After moving to Colorado, I knew there were sledders like myself, that have the desire for that snow information. So I started a Facebook page in 2015 to provide that information for them. A year later, I decided to add a website that compiled this information for all sledders, not just the ones on Facebook.

In 2018, we added another member to our team, Cass Mercer. She helps with the information gathering/sharing and building relationships with snowmobile clubs and area Search & Rescue teams.

In 2021, Cass Mercer died unexpectedly October 17th, 2021. She will be missed dearly.

Our Mission

To provide all followers the best snow forecasting and snow depth information so they can make accurate decisions with which riding areas to ride.

Our team members love to ride and gather information in person as often as we can. When we are not riding, we rely on reliable sources to confirm riding conditions.