Interactive Snow Map *Guide*

Denotes RMSC Riding Area. Choose your snowfall product from the drop menu. Currently offering Last 24/48/72(Up to 7 Days in the past with 72 hrs at a time) Hour snowfall totals, and Future accumulated snowfall 7 days in the future 6 hrs at a time/24-168 hr totals. We now have current(up to 6 days) and past(up to 3 days) snow depth. Also just added a wilderness boundary layer and Avalanche ratings from the national and state avalanche centers. It can be turned on/off by the user in the map layer option , upper left of the map. Also have 2 different base maps, and several mapping overlays, One being “Elevation Contours“. Use this map to pan and zoom to your riding area location. More locations appear as you zoom/pan. You can also click any point on the map and receive a snow amount. Always refresh this page for the latest data! App users should close and re-open the app for the latest data. Keep in mind most of these amounts are Not verified. Some exaggeration can occur when temps are warm, as the models think its snow but its really rain. If the amounts don’t show up, it is likely in the middle of updating, or slow internet. Until the Maps are finished, you can experience some delays in maps updating and/or glitches. We are still adding features, you will see them appear over the next 1-2 months.