South Dakota

The Riding

With a 350-mile network of marked, mapped, and groomed snowmobile trails, the Black Hills has become a prime destination for snowmobilers. The trail system has gained national prominence as one of the nation’s top snowmobiling destinations. However, snowmobiling is also permitted off trail on most parts of the 1.2 million-acre Black Hills National Forest.

Most snowmobiling is in the western one-third of the region, where the 6,000-foot elevations develop a five-foot snow pack every winter. The trails weave through the pine forests, ascend to summit lookouts, and lead up through deep canyons. The trails also open up into wide, untracked meadows where the boondocking is excellent!

There are pit stops, gas, warming shelters, trailheads, and good parking throughout the network. And, of course, resorts, local snowmobile services, rentals, and guides. 

The Riding Areas

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