Be 307 Aware

The 307 Channel on FRS and GRMS capable radios can help search and rescue teams get you home safely if you are lost or injured. Program the radio to UHF 462.6125 Privacy Code 85.4 or Channel 3 and Privacy code 07 (307). This works with BCA radios, and and any FRS and GRMS radios. This is NOT 911! It is to be used in emergency situations that require Search and Rescue. Be Aware 307 has started in Wyoming, and should be used in ANY of the Rocky Mountain states. Other states search and rescue are aware of the 307 channel.

Be 307 Aware came out of a simple conversation between a couple of responders in January of 2021. This FaceBook page is monitored by myself as time permits. The website is hosted by the Wyoming office of Homeland Security(WOHS). To be totally clear, this is not a state engineered endeavor, but a compilation of people throughout the Great State of Wyoming from all aspects of Emergency Service; Sponsored by the Wyoming SAR Council, Administered financially by WOHS, Supported by WAHA. This has been a joint venture from a lot of great people and we hope to expand those partnerships in the future. This program will be a game changer for responders and outdoor enthusiasts alike.